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Important Notice: Safety gear.

It is up to all riders to ensure their safety gear complies with the Motorcycling NZ Manual of Motorsport. MoMS. At round 5 of the BEARS Championship on inspection some riding gear did not comply and riders were asked to correct this. There were also a few riders that were told their back protectors didn’t comply as they needed to be level 2. This was an error and we apologise. Level 2 back protection is highly recommended but as long as it meets the standard EN1621-2 it complies. The rule from the MoMS is below along with a sample of what a compliance label looks like. Please make yourself familiar with the MoMS and make sure any gear you purchase or wear meets these standards.

8.1b Road Racing, Road Hill Climbs & Record Attempts: Safety Helmets - as per rule 8.2a Boots - as per rule 8.3 Clothing - Complete suits of leather or Kevlar Back Protectors - A certified back protector of composite material must be worn at all times. The standard for back protectors is EN1621-2, level 2 is recommended. Shoulder, elbow, knee etc. protection is EN1621-1 Gloves - Leather only is approved Eye Protection - as per rule 8.2i Chest Protectors - A certified chest protector of composite material must be worn at all times. This is compulsory for all solo competitors and discretionary for sidecar crews. The current standard required for Chest Protectors is prEN1621-3, level 2 (sometimes written as EN1621-3 level 2). All protective equipment such as Chest Protectors and Back Protectors must be worn inside all approved suits for Road Racing.


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