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Have a go!

Take the opportunity to have a go at riding your own road motorbike at the racetrack in our 'Have A Go' class.

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Have a go at riding your motorbike at the racetrack

The BEARS Motorcycle Club welcomes you to bring your road motorbike to our regular club race meetings to have a go at the racetrack. Open to any brand of road motorbike suitable for the racetrack. You DO NOT need a motorcycle road licence. Passing is allowed on the outside of corners and straights only. For $90 (which covers entry and MNZ licence for the day) you can have a go on the racetrack in the 'Have A Go' class. There are three sessions for a duration of 15 minutes each held over the day.


Riding gear requirements:

  • A full face motorcycle helmet that is in good condition, visible helmet standard label, has a clean visor and is less than 10 years old.

  • Leather boots, motocross or touring type.

  • Leather gloves.

  • Full racing or touring leathers, or leather jacket of motorcycle riding type (not dress type) and leather motorcycle pants which zip to the jacket.

  • Back Protector and Chest Protector are compulsory for all riders.

Motorbike preparation:

  • Tyres must be up to WOF standard.

  • Mirrors need to be removed or taped.

  • Handlebar ends need to be plugged.

  • All glass to be taped or removed. Plastic lights and indicators do not need to be taped.

  • Side stands, passenger footrests and center stands need to be wired up (tie wire or electrical zip ties) or taken off.

  • No oil or radiator leaks – check your sump plug.

  • If your sump plug has a lock wire hole then wire it up.

  • Remember to check tyre pressures, chain tension, oil and water levels, brake fluid levels, brake pads and bring fuel.

  • Announced for each event the engine capacity will be restricted for the day to one of the following: 

    • 600cc or more.

    • Less than 600cc.

Call Procedure:

  1. Standby Call (5 min call / 1st call), riders should start to get ready for their next session. This will usually be announced after the white flag has first gone out in the current session.

  2. Pit Lane Call (2 min call / 2nd call), riders must now start to make their way to Pit Lane and queue. This will usually be announced after the chequered sign/flag has gone out in the current session and the last rider has passed it.

    • During the 2-Minute Call period and usually after 1 minute, the all-clear will be given from the marshals from all the flag points. At this stage, the racetrack will be OPEN for 1 minute, riders will be allowed to enter the racetrack by the Gate Marshal.

    • Riders will be released from pit lane in a staggered format to ensure a gap between groups. No race starts permitted.

    • After 2 minutes the racetrack gate will be closed by the Gate Marshal.

We recommend, after the first call you get back to your bike, warm up the engine if needed and get all your gear on. Then after the second call, immediately take off your tyre warmers, ride to Pit Lane and queue up.


For further information you can contact Simon Attridge on 027 272 6492 or email

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