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2023 Sound of Thunder

Overall Results

2023 Sound of Thunder

Winner for each class in 2023

Formula One
Formula Sport

Aaron Scott

Tim Gray

Superstock 0-750
Superstock 751-Open

Nathan Jane

Murray Sutherland

Lightweight 0-400
Lightweight 401-600

Jethro Bowman

Andrew Rudd

Best of British 751-Open
Best of British 0-750

Gary Cotterell

Red Mantell

Milwaukee Iron 4 Valve
Best of British Hinckley

Shaun O’Neill

Garth Wilson

Classics 0-500
Classics 501-Open

Gary Cotterell

Gary Wells

Formula Two

Simon Attridge


Glen Conroy


Aaron Scott

Milwaukee Iron 2 Valve

Glen Conroy

BOB Hinckley Twins

Jeff Potroz

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