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BEARS Rules and Regulations

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Motorcycles must be of British, European, or American design with an engine and chassis of non-Asian design or manufacture.

MACHINE ELIGIBILITY for any class is at the discretion of the race committee. Ensure your machine complies with class rules.

ALCOHOL FUEL. BEARS 4 stroke machines may use alcohol fuel. Any machine using Alcohol fuel must display “Dangerous Goods” or other appropriate stickers which clearly indicate its use, on the machine in a prominent place and on storage containers.

All machines must comply with all safety requirements as specified in the MNZ manual of motorsport.


BEARS Formula One: Purpose built race bikes and technically advanced production sport bikes.

661cc - Open capacity, fuel, and tyres. No cross entry between F1 & Formula Sport


BEARS Formula Sport: Pre 2006 production-based sport bikes. 550cc - Open capacity.

Purpose built race bikes and post 2006 machines 550 - 660cc. Pump fuel, Open tyres.


BEARS Formula Two: Purpose built race bikes and production sport bikes: Four stroke, 350 - 805cc multi. Max. 2 valves per cylinder - Pump fuel, Open tyres. 350 - Open single - Open fuel, Open tyres. Two stroke, 0-350cc multi. 0 - 600cc single - Pump fuel, Open tyres.


BEARS SuperStock: Production based bikes. Original engine chassis & suspension layout. Modifications are permitted providing original concept and design are retained. E.g. a twin shock suspension may be altered to a box section swing arm but not changed to mono shock etc. Pump fuel only. Open tyres

Two classes.

  •  0 - 750cc,  fuel injection allowed if fitted as std equipment. Four stroke multi Max. 2 valves per cylinder. Single    

                      cylinder machines may have 4 valves per cylinder

  • 751-Open, fuel injection allowed if fitted as std equipment. Four stroke multi Max 2 valves per cylinder. Single and   

                      shaft drive machines may have 4 valves per cylinder but multi limited to 1000cc


Heritage: Any tubular steel construction frame with non upside down forks, must have twin rear shock suspension, one mounted each side of rear swing arm. Shaft driven bikes with twin or single shock must have rear shock absorber mounted beside differential. Open tyres, open capacity engine, air cooled, open fuel, carburetted and non- belt driven valve gear.


Lightweight: Two classes run concurrently. Open fuel, open tyres. No GP bikes.

  •  Lightweight Ltd: Four Stroke, 0 – 400cc singles & air-cooled multi’s.

                                 Two Stroke, 0 – 350cc air cooled singles, 0 – 250cc air cooled

                                 multi’s & water cooled singles, 0 - 125cc water cooled multi’s.


  • Lightweight:   Four Stroke, 401 – 600cc singles & air cooled multi’s.

               Two Stroke, 351 – 400cc air cooled singles, 251 – 300cc

                            Water cooled singles, 251 – 400cc air cooled multi’s,

                            126 -200cc water cooled multi’s.


Moto-Euro – Any bike manufactured in mainland Europe. (i.e. no British bikes) European engine & frame or frame of non Asian design. 401cc – Open water cooled 4 valves per cylinder twins. 601cc – open capacity all other machines. Open fuel, Open tyres.


Best of British: Open to any motorcycle manufactured in Britain. British engine and frame or frame of non Asian design. Open fuel, open tyres. Four classes run concurrently.

  •  0-750cc

  • 751cc-Open

  •  Hinckley Twins

  • Hinckley Triples and Fours


Milwaukee Iron: Open to any Harley Davidson, Buell or EBR. Frames must be of non- Asian design. Open Fuel, open tyres. Two classes run concurrently. 2V (max 2 valves per cylinder), 4V (max 4 valves per cylinder)

BEARS Classics: (Non Championship Class) Non Asian design, pre 1972, no disc brakes, treaded tyres. Frame and suspension must resemble this era. Two classes run concurrently:

  •  0 - 500cc

  • 501cc - Open

Race Call Up Procedure

  • A call to riders to prepare will be made 5 minutes before the pit lane opens.
  • A call to riders to assemble at the dummy grid will be made 2 minutes before pit lane opens.

  • Pit lane will be open for 1 minute and will then be closed with a barrier across the lane.

  • Once Pit Lane is closed, any late arrivals will be required to start the race from a Pit Lane start.  This will be at the discretion of the CoC, who's decision is final. The Rider will be held in Pit Lane and only released after the field has passed the pit exit road or a point deemed safe by the Clerk of the Course.

​​Race Starts

  • Races will be standing starts and controlled by the lights at the course. If the lights are not operational flag drop starts may be used. At all times on the circuit, Flag signals override or take precedence over lights.

Exiting the track

  • At the conclusion of racing riders should slow and continue around the track to assemble under direction of the flag marshal at the slip road at Flag point 3 (Hairpin).

  • Once released by the marshal riders shall proceed directly to the track exit at turn 11 (Sweeper).

  • Bikes returning to the pits must not use the pit lane to enter garages.


Points Scoring

  • Points scoring for all our events will be in accordance with the Motorcycling NZ manual of Motorsport. Please note rule 6.7A below in the event of a tie.

  • MNZ Rule 14.9h

    • Points are awarded for 1st to 15th placing as follows: 25, 20, 16, 13, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

  • MNZ Rule 6.7A

    • In the event of a tie in the number of points at the end of an event or series, the final positions will be decided on the basis of the number of best results in the event or series (number of first places, number of second places etc.). If a further tie exists, it will be decided in the following order, by the better placing in the last, in the last but one, or in the last but two results counting towards the event or series in question, etc. If a dead heat still exists, the riders concerned shall divide among themselves any awards according to their placing.

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